Giant RECORD briquettes are pressed from a dry, properly processed brown coal. The briquettes are not added any binder. The high quality of this product is constant and monitors, among other things, based on laboratory analysis. To make sure that you are buying the highest quality briquettes, make sure when purchasing that it really is a brand Lusatian "RECORD".

Brown coal br iquettes have a lower proportion of volatile substances other than wood, and therefore the heating can follow this golden special rule: the grate at the bottom of the heating space is necessary to supply more combustion air than burning wood. That is why coal briquettes can be used only in the heating devices that are equipped with a grate and ash pan.
If the combustion air necessary for properly regulated, in part through the briquettes themselves. In addition, it is necessary to ensure the flow of air from above similarly cleaved wood (see above).

When heating briquettes hnědouhelnými plays an important role in the initial heat. Therefore it is necessary to use suitable and sufficient fire-lighters wood for kindling. The molten soil evenly ignite the briquettes best. When caught, they are typically persistent, quietly shimmering flames. Unlike cleaved wood briquettes RECORD not so often and give thanks to the high energy content and the glow lasts overnight. They are ideal for long evenings by the fireplace as well as winter itself, when not only create a relaxed moments, but long-term supply an even heat.
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FREE COMPANY, which specializes in the supply of fuels in industry and retail. These are mainly the products of German company Vattenfall, such as brown coal dust brown streets connecting advantages and convenience of liquid fuel. For businesses a very cost-effective solutions for securing energy resources.


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