Time-tested and effective use

Lusatian brown coal dust has a firm place in municipal and industrial incineration in boilers. It has been successfully used for many years to generate process heat and heating gas, e.g. in cement and lime industries, asphalt mixers and driers for bulk mineral material.

Heating and boiler plants

The incineration of brown coal dust in high-capacity steam boilers and water-tube boilers has proven to be an effective and reliable solution for decentralised supply of hot water, steam and electricity in municipal and industrial heating and boiler plants. The incineration takes place in special burner systems.

Combustion chambers in boilers can handle sudden changes in load, low partial load and fast switching times. As nearly complete burn-up is achieved, the heating efficiency is very high. The applications feature high automation degree and the handling of the material is equivalent to that of oil and gas.

Brown coal dust is an environmentally friendly energy source. Emissions from modern incineration facilities are consistently maintained below statutory limits. The incineration technology is technically advanced and the related approval processes are not complicated.

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