Cut your energy costs

The growth in global demand for gas and oil has a far-reaching impact on prices and availability. Due to their heavy dependence on imported energy, many businesses are experiencing the dire consequences of this development. Lusatian brown coal dust from Vattenfall is a way to avoid the growing costs.

The prices of brown coal dust have remained stable for many years. Long-term contracts make it possible to calculate energy costs for future periods and provide supply assurances. Thanks to proven conversion measures, operators of existing facilities, too, may profit from the highly attractive price of brown coal dust.

This high-quality fuel is far cheaper than oil and gas and is consistently available. Over 10 billion tons of brown coal deposited in the Lusatian mining district have a massive energy potential. This domestic energy source is exploited without subsidies and is available to future generations.

A smart combination

Depending on the incinerator facility, the use of Lusatian brown coal dust allows to generate heat from major residual substances. This minimises disposal costs and ensures energy-efficient use of resources. The installation of advanced burners for multi-component incineration offers maximum independence and flexibility in terms of the choice of standard fuel. We can produce tailor-made solutions to meet your needs.

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FREE COMPANY, which specializes in the supply of fuels in industry and retail. These are mainly the products of German company Vattenfall, such as brown coal dust brown streets connecting advantages and convenience of liquid fuel. For businesses a very cost-effective solutions for securing energy resources.


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