Brown coal dust as fuel


Lusatian brown coal dust is a modern energy source for boilers and incineration facilities. The properties of this highly refined, fine-grain fuel are similar to those of liquids. Brown coal dust finds extensive use and is easy to handle.

High quality, high heating value and fluidity: brown coal dust combines the advantages of brown coal with the convenience of liquid fuel.

Lusatian brown coal dust has a high heating value and a naturally low content of sulphur and ash. Good fluidity and easy fluidisation of brown coal dust allow for comfortable use, similarly to oil. Its large active surface and high content of volatile constituents provide excellent flammability, high reactivity and first-class burning properties.

In order to produce brown coal dust, brown coal from the Lusatian mining district is crushed, dried, filtered and ground in Germany’s state-of-the-art refining facility. Strict quality management – covering all aspects from raw materials to production and logistics – ensures consistently high quality of fuel.
The presence in the Schwarze Pumpe energy district is one of Vattenfall’s great strengths: the mining of raw materials, generation of electricity, production of fuel and technological research are closely related activities that result in effective and environmentally friendly value creation chains.

Analysis of values*
  Grain size:    
  Residues over 0.20 mm       In % by weight      13.0     
  Residues over 0.09 mm   In % by weight   40.0
  Water   In % by weight   10.5
  Ash   In % by weight   <6.0
  Liquid constituents   In % by weight   45.5
  Sulphur   In % by weight   0.8
  Heating value (Hu)   in MJ/kg   >21.0

• Multi-year mean values
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FREE COMPANY, which specializes in the supply of fuels in industry and retail. These are mainly the products of German company Vattenfall, such as brown coal dust brown streets connecting advantages and convenience of liquid fuel. For businesses a very cost-effective solutions for securing energy resources.


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