Brown coal dust

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Soaring fuel prices are putting a burden on every business. It is in particular businesses with high energy consumption that are forced to reduce their energy costs to remain competitive. With brown coal briquettes, Vattenfall offers a reliable and affordable fuel alternative, helping you to retain your…
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Brown coal dust as fuel

Lusatian brown coal dust is a modern energy source for boilers and incineration facilities. The properties of this highly refined, fine-grain fuel are similar to those of liquids. Brown coal dust finds extensive use and is easy to handle.
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Cut your energy costs

The growth in global demand for gas and oil has a far-reaching impact on prices and availability. Due to their heavy dependence on imported energy, many businesses are experiencing the dire consequences of this development. Lusatian brown coal dust from Vattenfall is a way to avoid the growing costs.
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Time-tested and effective use

Lusatian brown coal dust has a firm place in municipal and industrial incineration in boilers. It has been successfully used for many years to generate process heat and heating gas, e.g. in cement and lime industries, asphalt mixers and driers for bulk mineral material.
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Filling and supply

Technical process: filling and supply. Storage and transport system for brown coal dust.
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Reliability and convenience

Lusatian brown coal dust is transported by bulk trucks or in special freight train tanks. The transport, handling and supply of the dust are clean and environmentally friendly operations, taking place in a closed system. Compressed air is used to feed the dust to the burner.
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FREE COMPANY, which specializes in the supply of fuels in industry and retail. These are mainly the products of German company Vattenfall, such as brown coal dust brown streets connecting advantages and convenience of liquid fuel. For businesses a very cost-effective solutions for securing energy resources.


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